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Our Biblical GPS

Our earthly lives are a journey and God’s guidance system enables us to avoid many  of the detours and false turns available to us along the way. There is a high way.  It is  the road God has planned for us to take during our earthly lives. Each road has been  designed by God to help us accomplish his plan and purpose for our lives. All of us  make wrong turns, but God is faithful to correct those choices and return us to his  better path.  

God is our perfect Father. He called his people to be holy because of his great love  and compassion. God has always wanted his children to live with abundant blessing.  Our faith relationship to God enables his blessings to flow from heaven through us to  others. God has always had a road of redemption available to those who will choose  to follow his perfect directions. 

We are made in God’s image and therefore created with a free will. Our God-given  free will allows us to enter heaven simply by choosing to place our faith and hope in  Jesus Christ, the One and only Son of God. That same God-given free will also  impact the treasure we either use up during this life, or invest in our eternal home.  

If Jesus is your Lord, you have the promise of heaven. But this road-trip we call life is an opportunity to arrive in heaven with joy, rewards and a crown to lay at the feet of  Jesus. The purpose of this study is to teach what the Bible says about living a life God  is able to bless. 

When we, through the Holy Spirit, allow God’s word to be our guidance system, we  remain on the best road home. This life is meant to be a joy-filled journey, even when  we pass through the deserts, climb a hill or realize we have taken a wrong turn.  

God didn’t promise us each mile would be easy, but He did promise his Presence  would support and guide us along the way. The point of any journey is its destination.  We are going home! 

Pray each week for God’s wisdom as you study. Ask the Holy Spirit to apply each  lesson to your own life and then ask him how to use what you have learned to help  others. The goal of each week is to help us learn how to remain on the best road  home because one day we complete our journey and reach eternity. On that day, we  all want to hear our Abba greet us and say, “Well done, my good and faithful  servant.”